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My vision for Breastfeeding classes

Updated: Apr 26, 2018

I hope to change the way we view classes

It is not always easy , but it is always worth it

I am sure there are decent helpful breastfeeding classes out there. I hope expectant and new parents can find one. The trouble is I don't think they can.

Most new parents take a breastfeeding class at a hospital. Conceivably in a sterile, clinical setting. Giving the impression of a more medicalization of motherhood. While pregnant and the concept of nursing is difficult to grasp. They are told how amazing breastmilk is and all that it can do. They are shown videos of nursing babies, Moms tandem nursing twins. Extraordinary circumstances.

All of these things are awesome and really neat to see. Nevertheless these women walk away from the breastfeeding class feeling like they have very little working knowledge of how they are going to nurse their own baby. That they missed something that the other moms in the class must have understood. Feeling unprepared and hope that they know what to do when the time comes.

They don't really know. They struggle. They try and try. They think about the videos and how easy the women had made it look. They think about the instructors praising the video moms. They feel like they aren't living up to THEIR expectations. The instructors who are now not there to help them, who didn't give them their number if they had issues.

Society shuns a nursing mother in public. There are no generational examples or support systems. Even Healthcare providers will often suggest a switch to formula as soon as mothers have an issue or questions. This generation is trying to take back and normalize breastfeeding. This is a lofty and important goal.

But without true support for a new parent and providing real information in breastfeeding classes, they feel alone and that thy are not enough.

They are enough! They have the ability. They can do it !

With help, support, encouragement and honest communication. At Mommy strong we provide a comprehensive breastfeeding class that doesn't stop there. We are available for questions, consultations and as cheerleaders for Mamas out there that want to feed their child with the best nutrition possible-liquid gold.

Classes are held in a variety of venues, Also available as a private in home class

Mommystrong 716 239-2188

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