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*Initial /One time Phone consultation


*In Home or Virtual 1 hour consultation $60.00

* 1 Month unlimited text $60.00

*In Home or Virtual personal  prenatal breastfeeding class 


Silver Package 

*includes Phone consultation and unlimited text 


Bronze Package

*In Home prenatal class and In Home postnatal consultation


Gold Package 

*includes all of the above 


Consultation :

Can be done in 1 hour increments In Home or Virtually. 

*In Home or Virtual consultation 1 hour on ALL topics$60.00

Topics include, but are not limited to

Prenatal exercise

Prenatal Yoga

Birth Planning

Comfort Measures during labor

Partner support

Planning the Nursery

Child Birth Education

Postnatal exercise

'4th Trimester' Care 

Car seat safety

Bottle feeding/Pace feeding

Newborn care

Child Development

Ages + Stages 

Infant Activities









Bronze Package

*Initial consultation, 1 prenatal visit, birth plan, attending of birth, breastfeeding assistance in hospital during golden hour


Silver Package

* Includes the above And an additional prenatal visit, unlimited calls/text up until birth, 1 free prenatal yoga or Dancing for Birth session


Gold Package

*Includes all of the above And a postpartum visit, unlimited calls/text for a month after birth, breastfeeding consultation


PregnancyReiki :

* 1 hour of Reiki massage and mediation to prepare your body, mind and baby for birth


@ Mommy Strong


in your home price is based on travel distance 


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